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About "GoldenEye"

Our Story:
The House that Fleming Built

GoldenEye History, Part One: Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming first came to Jamaica during WWII, sent by Naval Intelligence to investigate U-Boat activities in the Caribbean. It was difficult for him to keep his mind on the war, such was the beauty of the place and its people. It was love at first glance. Paradise on earth. He knew that when the war ended, it was there that he would live out his life, in the sun, by the sea. He had visited a property on the sea in the little village of Oracabessa Bay, which means “golden head.” By chance he had been working on a naval operation called GoldenEye. He bought the property, and when the war ended, built his dream house–a perfect place to heal the psychic wounds of war and escape the civility of civilization. Above all it was a place to dream. And it was at GoldenEye that he dreamed up James Bond, 007, who turned out to be an escape for millions of readers.

GoldenEye History, Part Two: Chris Blackwell

If any man is an island it’s Chris Blackwell, who founded Island Records in 1959. A brilliantly independent label just off the coast of the music industry, Island did more to change the cultural landscape than any record label in history. Island Records brought reggae music to the world outside Jamaica, with Blackwell himself producing Bob Marley and the Wailers. Island broke British acts like Traffic, Bad Company, ELP, Free, Fairport Convention, King Crimson, and the greatest of world music from the Irish traditionalists The Chieftains to Africans like King Sunny Ade. It brought us such independent spirits as Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Sparks, Grace Jones, Marianne Faithfull, Tom Waits and that Irish band, U2. Blackwell purchased GoldenEye from the Fleming estate in 1976. Since then, he has grown the original 19 acre property, with just Fleming’s Villa, into a 52-acre world class property that is the flagship of Blackwell’s Island Outpost properties.

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Things to Do


Bird Watching

Jamaica has more endemics (26 species and 21 subspecies) than any other island in the Caribbean. It offers excellent birding and a warm tropical climate year round. In all, we have more than 305 species including a large number of winter visitors, transients, and vagrants that can be observed depending on the season.

Dolphin's Cove

A natural cove surrounded by 5 acres of tropical rainforest, visitors have the opportunity to interact and “swim with” the dolphins, enjoying the thrill of these amazing animals.

Fishing with locals

Join one of the local Oracabessa Bay fishermen for their morning catch. Pull traps set by fishermen or drop a line yourself and bring your catch back to have it cooked by our chef at GoldenEye.

Mystic Mountain

The Mystic Mountain features over 100 acres of land stretching from the coast to its peak at 700 feet above sea level. This attraction provides ample opportunities to view and explore the unique seaside tropical forest ecosystem. Tours include the Sky Explorer chairlift, the Bobsled Jamaica ride, and the Zip Line Adventure.

River tubing

This 19th century Spanish Bridge is an idyllic spot on the White River, high in the hills of St. Mary – approx. a 30-minute drive from GoldenEye. Experienced tubing guides will take you on a breathtaking journey down the White River.

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