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What’s a Honeymoon Registry?

Think wedding registry with an adventuresome twist

Instead of the juicer you already have or the electric can-opener you never really wanted, you get the experience of a lifetime and the memories you’ll have forever. Your friends and family can gift every aspect of your dream honeymoon. From a hot rock massage, to pacific surfing lessons, or a deep jungle waterfall excursion - you pick it they fund it.

How it works?

Getting by with a little help from your friends

Browse through our extensive selection of boutique hotels the world over. Once you choose you destination, you’ll be able to itemize your trip down to the last detail. How about private snowboarding lessons in the Andes? Shred it bro! Will you require a bottle of chilled Pisco in your lofty quechuan villa? Uh, yeah you do! Watch your travel itinerary come to life as your loved ones come together and hook it up.

Why do you need it?

Pay for your wedding, not your honeymoon!

We want to make your trip beyond custom, super special, and even more memorable; and most of all, we want to make it happen alongside a group of people who love you and want you to have the time of your lives.
Of course there’s also the small issue of whether you’d prefer a shiny new dinette set to an all expense paid hike through patagonia! The choice is yours, but at least now you know where we stand ;)

Let’s get this honeymoon started!

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